Investment consulting

Retirement  in CHIANG MAI


      Chiang Mai is top 6 the best destination city for retirement people.  


This is the reason why most  foreigners choose Chiang Mai for living:

1. Climate, the beauty of the land and mountains, and the welcoming nature of the Thai people. 

2. People are friendly.

3. Easy access to anywhere.  There are direct flight to Bangkok, Phuket, Japan, Singapore, Laos, Korea, China, Malaysia, Myanmar, Cambodia, Vietnam.

4. The city is safe.

5. There are so many Western, Thai, Japanese, Korean & Chinese restaurant.

6. The city of trandition & culture.

7. Living in Chiang Mai is a happy environment.

 8. There are so many attractive places to travel - to relax, such as spa, hot spring, water fall, shopping center, abundant wild life and Chiang Mai is surrounded by more than 10 national parks, 7 international school, more than 10 shopping center and super stores, 5 hospitals.

9. Good combination between technology and culture.

10. The most important: Living cost is very reasonable compared with anywhere, US 2,000/month you can live as a "KING"


Investment & Business Consulting :




If you would like to do business in Chiang Mai we will be only to pleased to help you.

We have hands on knowledge of the work culture of Thai employees, customer behavior and target markets.  We are Chiang Mai locals and have a vast knowledge of Chiang Mai and outlying areas and we know how to run a successful business. 

Chiang Mai is more difficult to do Business in then Bangkok and other major areas.

Most people fall in love with Chiang Mai. Chiang Mai is nice for travelling and living but it is difficult to do business in so please be careful before you make decision to invest in Chiang Mai.

We can help you with your business or investment plans. We have knowledge in many fields.

Including: Apartments, condos, housing projects, hotels, resorts, guest houses. Time share for a retirement home for you.  We have an expat who has been in Chiang Mai  for many years and has a wealth of knowledge to share. So we are here to help you where we can.


For more details please do not hesitate contact us for an appointment to discuss your needs.


There are so many properties on the market, but most of them are not interesting. Thai owners but have property for foreigner needs.

Most companies are unfamiliar with properties suitable for foreigner tastes. But we know.

We would like to invite investors to invest in the property business with us.

We have acquired the knowledge and experiences in real estate to a very high level, and we would like to share with interested parties.


We have idea 6 projects


1. House / cottage for short - long term rental



Selling point: Living with nature, paddy field, fish pond, orchard.


Target: Foreign, expat

Rental price:              12,000  - 20,000 Baht/month (included only house cleaning, once a week, take care garden).

Amount of bungalow: At least 9 houses.

Land size:                  At least 9 acres (3.7 hectares)

Location:                   Less than 20 km. from Chiang Mai, Thailand.

Invest:                     At least 15 Million Baht ( $ 500,000 USD ).

Return:                     1,350,000 Baht /year ( 45,00 USD)


2. Serviced apartment (rent for short – long term)


Selling point: Good quality building and living, good location in the city, quiet, greenery, reasonable cost.

Building plan: Balcony, mini kitchen, studio room (35 sq.m)= 50 %, 1 bedroom (65 sq.m)= 50 %, 2bedrooms (90 sq.m) = 25 %

Amount of rooms: At least 35 units.

Rental price: 15,000 – 30,000 Baht/month,

Rental period: Short term (per week – 3 months) 30 %, long term ( 6 month – 3 year) 70 %

Target: Retiree, foreigner & Thai traveler, foreigner who working and living in C’mai.

 Location:    Walking distance to the city.

 Income:     Daily, weekly, long term lease.

Turn over :  8-9 %

 Invest: At least 50 million Baht ($ 1.65 million USD or more)


Remark: *Chiang Mai House can show you the successful service apartment assure confidence in our business plan.


 3. Boutique hotel (short term rent)


Selling point: Character, Lanna style, unique, location, warm feeling of staff, building & presentation.

Building plan: Balcony, studio room (35 sq.m)= 50 %, 1-2 bedrooms (55-100 sq.m)= 50 %.

Amount of rooms: Not more than 25 rooms.

Rental price: 1,500 – 10,000 Baht/night

Target: Foreign & Thai tourists

Land size: At least 0.5 acres 

Location: Tourist zone

Invest: At least 60 million Baht ($ 2 million USD or more)


4. Condominium (for sale/rent)


Selling point: Good quality building and living, good location in the city, quiet, greenery, reasonable cost. Good maintenance after project completed, value of the condo rises every year.

 Building plan: Balcony, mini kitchen, studio room 50 sq.m= 30 %, 1-3 bedrooms 65-200 sq.m= 70 %

Amount of rooms: Not more than 65 units.

Land size: At least 1 acres 

 Location: Walking distance to the city or very close to the city.

Target: 49 % foreigner purchase for investment or living.

           51 % the project managed for rent short term, 1-20 year lease (rental pay year by year)

Rental price: Start from 15,000 – 50,000 Baht / month

Rental period: Short term 1-3 months 20 %, more than 6 months – 5 years 80 %

 Invest: At least 200 million Baht ($ 6.5 million USD or more)


Remark:* Chiang Mai House know many foreigners and Thais who purchase condo for investment.


5. Holiday & long term homes (for rent & sale)


Selling point: Safety, land size at least 0.4 acres/home, greenery, nature,  privacy, (not look like gated community) small and warm community, 15-30 family. Western standard building and happy living. Good maintenance after the project completed, value of the property higher every year.

Amount of house: Not more than 35 houses.

Sale price: 10 – 25 million Baht/house (US300,000 – 800,000)

Rental Price: 40,000 – 100,000 Baht/month.

Land size: At least 9 acres (3.5 hectares)

Location: Less than 40 km. from Chiang Mai city.

Income: For sale, 10-30 years lease, 1-3 years lease, monthly lease.

Invest: 90-200 million Baht ($ 2.5 million USD or more)


6. Retirement homes/ long stay (for rent & sale)


Selling point:We sell and hold package (personal services) for retirees (Visa, health care, made services , golf, transportation, activities, massage, learning, maintenance, and match making) Golf course is the main of focus of this project. Good quality building and living.

Land size: At least 200 acres (80 hectares)

Invest: 150 - 600 million Baht ($ 5-20 million USD)


Run business in anywhere. There are many things to make it successful and happy, such as:

                        1. Sincerity.

                        2. The cultural of the Thai people.

                        3.  Knowledge and experience.

                        4. Good team work & excellent good management

                        5. Capital

We have 1- 4, but the one thing that we are looking for is no.5 (capital) and the  right partner.


If you would like to know us please do not hesitate to contact us for more details of business plan.